Power Wedge

The Patented Power Wedge adds another dimension of versatility to any Malibu model. This automatic hydrofoil can be set to almost any position between stowed and fully engaged changing wake size and shape along the way. The variety of settings allows the driver to tailor each pull specifically for the athlete in tow. Optional on all boats.


Malibu Touch Command (MTC) has once again pushed Malibu driver control to fun new heights. MTC offers useful features like graphical ballast and lighting zone controls, with the convenience and security of coded, keyless ignition standard.. Standard on all Wakesetter and Sunscape models and Response FXI and LXI.

MALIVIEW (6.5 inch display with depthfinder

Malibu Boats makes water sports boating easier and more fun with exclusive instrumentation technology. The new MaliView Dash System increases the size of the in-dash LCD to 6.5 inches and transforms the display to color with home theater-style resolution, visible in full sun. MaliView allows you to control, monitor and customize boat functions with intuitive 10-button navigation. The new dash display also gives you the ability to view video on the water, from a variety of sources, live or recorded. Optional on all boats.

ILLUSION G3: Tower (W/Pair Titan Spinner Comb-Fork Racks)

Malibu has led the charge in tower design and performance for many years. This year we expand the technological edge over our competitors with the new Illusion G3 gas-spring assisted tower featuring weightless fold down. From the solid foundation of billet aluminum bases to the billet tower support wings backing the 3” stainless steel hoop the Illusion G3 is unshakeable. The Illusion G3 features dual gas spring shocks to assist in creating the feature of weightless fold down. The new tower design incredibly blends the best of form and function in creating the most advanced tower on the market today. Standard on all Wakesettter and Ride boats, optional on all Response and Sunscape boats.

CAMERA: Flo Cam System (G3)

The Malibu Boats Flo-cam Rear View Rider Camera System pushes the limits of typical action sports cameras way outside the box. This smooth swiveling camera follows the athlete in tow with fluid motion. The Flo-cam can be adjusted to your water sport of choice and is viewable live or recorded through the MaliView Dash System. Captured footage is easily editable and the camera itself can be used in any number of action sports situations thanks to its multi-dimensional design. Watch yourself reach new heights behind a Malibu boat. Optional on all boats.