Malibu designers wanted to offer the practicality of an open bow design, but in a more compact high-performance package with an attractive price tag. This stunning new model blends the features of the immensely popular Response LX and the record-breaking Response TXi. The LXR features slalom wakes of the highest and most competitive standard, yet with its slightly narrower beam than the TXi, will offer board riders super clean rampy wakes with the addition of the available Manual or Power Wedge. The LXR comes standard with the Indmar Monsoon 330 multi-port fuel injected engine, but can be optioned up to either the 350 Monsoon or the awesome new 410HP 6 litre L96.


  • Length
    • 6.1m/20 feet
  • Draft
    • 0.56m
  • Boat Width
    • 2.29m/7'6"
  • Trailer Width
    • 2.44m
  • Seating Capacity
    • 7 persons
  • Tow Weight
    • 1800kg
  • Fuel Capacity
    • 125 litres
  • Standard Hull Type
    • SV23 Diamond Hull
  • Standard HP
    • 330HP
  • Max HP
    • 400HP


  • Fully galvanised custom fitted tandem trailer
  • 15" Alloy wheels
  • 4 way bearer system
  • Inertia operated disc brakes including park brake
  • Cut guards with carpeted in fills
  • "Spinner" Guide poles
  • Rear trolley wheels
  • Pivoting swing away draw bar
  • Fulton "F2" jockey wheel and winch
  • Round guards with valance
  • Boat tie downs